Why are you building a Community Center in Bayonne?

We want to be able to nourish and nurture the American Muslim identity for the citizens of Bayonne.  Muslim families have called Bayonne their home for many decades, but never before were they able to look to one institution as their foundation, while having the opportunity to unite under a single roof for the betterment of themselves, their families, as well as their community.

What is the purpose of the Community Center?

We would like to offer not just religious services, but also social, spiritual, emotional and behavioral health related services as they are equally important for the men, women, and children of our community.

What are we planning on doing there?  What activities will you hold?

We will use this facility as a platform to educate not just the Muslim community, but also to engage in interfaith activities so that our community can learn not only about their own religion, but also other religions.  We want to use this facility to promote tolerance and diversity.

This facility will also serve as an outlet for the youth to seek counseling, mentorship, or just simply spend some time involved in recreational activities.  We want to keep the youth engaged, so they’re not susceptible to the dangers of society, like drugs and violence.

Also, one of the most fundamental and really a beautiful part of Islam is service to humanity.  God has blessed our community with many doctors and professionals in different fields.  And we will aim to take advantage of those skills to provide free medical screening, blood drives, mental health awareness and counseling.

Where are you meeting now?

We have been meeting at St. Henry’s school building where we’ve been peacefully functioning for the past 7 years without any harmful incidents.

Why this location?

This is a centrally located area on a dead end street, which can provide easy walking access to many of our congregants, while providing easy access to light rail and the highway.

What about parking?

Many of the congregants live locally and can easily walk to the center for regular services. While most of the religious houses of worship in Bayonne don’t provide parking, our center is unique in that it will have a parking lot which can easily house 35-40 vehicles, if not more. The number of cars visiting the center for regular services are expected to be below this capacity.  Additionally, sharing the parking lot (when not in use) with neighbors is a strong possibility.

Should I be afraid you will use loud speakers and disrupt the peace in the neighborhood?

Not at all!  The Muslim community has been housed at St. Henry’s (across the street from city hall!) for over 7 years and we have never used loud speakers outside of the building nor disrupted the calm of the neighborhood. We firmly believe that the addition of the community center at the proposed location will enliven and beautify the area.

I need more information about Islam and need to know more about people that will be in my neighborhood.

We invite and encourage the community of Bayonne to visit us at our current location at St. Henry’s where we’ve been functioning for the past 7 years without incident.  The Muslims of Bayonne are peace loving, law-abiding citizens who have contributed to the diversity that makes Bayonne such a great city.

We love Bayonne and the residents of Bayonne are great people.  If a reasonable citizen with a valid concern was to visit with us to discuss any issues or concerns, we’re confident we would be able to address them.  For inquiries and to arrange a visit appointment, we can be reached at info@bayonnemuslims.com