Center History

Muslim families have called Bayonne their home for many decades, but never before were they able to look to one institution as their foundation, while having the opportunity to unite under a single roof for the betterment of themselves, their families, as well as their community. Under Bayonne Muslims, we initiated and organized an attempt to provide such an institution.

Obstacles were faced, hardships were overcome, yet such difficulties did not hinder this effort. It is by the means of this institution that we hope to set up facilities for knowledge, social work, and education of our deen. Insha’Allah the Mi’raj Center will provide a variety of activities for adults as well as the youth, serving to instill in them the basic principles and etiquettes of Islam and community. In addition, the current Center houses weekly Saturday Islamic Class for young kids, Halaqas for the youth and educational seminars.

We are currently looking for a facility that we will be able to call home and continue our efforts.