About Us

Bayonne Muslims welcomes you to a vibrant and healthy family! We are a community that loves Allah (God), the Holy Quran and the guidance of the authentic traditions of the Prophet Mohammad (peace and prayers be upon him). Our commitment to strengthening the Bayonne community is driven by a traditional approach to Islam and is expressed through our services and programs. We offer spiritual and character development along with a focus on youth empowerment through knowledge-based programs that are fun and inspiring. Our family friendly environment encourages modesty, creativity and community involvement.


As representatives of the Bayonne Muslim community, we will foster Islamic values by providing religious, educational and social services for the betterment of humanity while adhering to the guidelines of the Quran and Sunnah.


We offer youth activities for Brothers and Sisters, Saturday Islamic Studies program for younger kids, Qur’an classes for everyone in the community, Sisters Halaqas, and Monthly lecture series. We also offer Jummah and Eid services. Our goal is to establish Institutions that will serve our multicultural & multiethnical community of today and generations to follow. At this moment, we have a small place in a basement where daily namaz takes place five time a day plus all the aforementioned activities.